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How to do Capacity Management
(and why should it be done)

In a nutshell a well implemented and effective Capacity Management processes will allow your organization to mitigate the risks of change and growth they are experiencing whilst at the same time controlling and optimizing the costs of running their IT environment.

Are you responsible for some or all aspects of Capacity Management in your organization?

If so how confident are you that Capacity Management is being done as well as it should be and that all the appropriate activities are being done in the right way with the correct level of focus ?

The White Paper will provide you with all this information and more

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  • Find out why Capacity Management is needed
  • What 8 Activities make up a Capacity Management Function
  • How to combine these activities to deliver effective Capacity Management
  • See details of the 8 steps needed to integrate Capacity Management into any Application Development Lifecycle
  • How to address all Capacity Management requirements by applying a technique to deliver the appropriate level of effort
  • And moreā€¦

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