Capacity Management Audit

Capacity Management Audit

In the Capacity Management Audit (CMA) we use an assessment matrix aligned to the procedures identified in our Capacity Management Methodology (CMM) to review the Capacity Management processes and procedures in place at your organisation.

This will then result in a rating of your current capability, from ‘unfocused’ to ‘world-class’ and is used to identify where effort needs to be put in to improve the current processes or address the current Capacity Management issues affecting you.

The CMA is usually a short exercise initiated by a workshop run by one or two of our Consultants and attended by those staff who are interested in the effects of the Capacity Management processes, including; those responsible for capacity planning, performance tuning, representatives from technical support teams, applications development and the business units. The workshop concludes with a first pass at an action plan targeted to address your particular issues.

We will then take the information gathered away and develop a rating, a gap analysis and a refined action plan.

Presentation of findings

The next step is for us to come back and present our findings and the action plan.

The presentation will include:

  • Review of existing Capacity Management processes with their current rating
  • Definition of the "Target" processes to be achieved
  • Analysis of the "Gaps" identified
  • Action Plan to close the Gaps

We will also present our proposal defining how we could assist you to quickly and efficiently implement the action plan.

This will then form the basis of how we work with you to provide a focused set of services that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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