No matter the size of your organisation, you’re likely to rely on effective IT service management to keep operations running smoothly. And no matter where you’re based or what you do, you’ll know that your IT services need to be reliable, consistent and effective. That’s why the ISO20000 accreditation is an ideal marker for measuring whether or not you’re up to standard.

So, if the ISO20000 is on your radar, it’s essential that your organisation is compliant – and that’s where we can help.

When it comes to reviewing your capacity management operations, we’ll work with you to review the processes and procedures in place at your organisation. Starting with a capacity management audit, we use an assessment matrix which aligns with the procedures identified in our capacity management methodology.

The aim is to rate your current capability, starting with a level of ‘unfocused’ and progressing up to ‘world-class’. This helps to identify where effort must be spent to improve the current processes, or address any existing capacity management issues.

Our audit is usually a short exercise, initiated by a workshop which is run by our consultants. This workshop is often attended by staff who are interested in the effects of their organisation’s capacity management processes, including those responsible themselves for capacity management and performance tuning, and representatives from technical support teams, applications development and the business units.

The next steps will involve us presenting our findings to you, along with an action plan which we’ll work with you to complete. Our presentation covers a range of information, including a review of your existing capacity management processes and their current rating.

We’ll then put together a bespoke set of target processes which should be achieved, along with a definition of these targets, and an analysis of any gaps or faults in your current systems.

Once we’ve done this, we’ll present our proposal, which will outline how we can help you to quickly and efficiently implement the action plan, ultimately bringing your capacity management processes up to the necessary compliance level.

The importance of mitigating the risks and costs of IT change within your organisation shouldn’t be underestimated, especially as compliance laws are tightening and reaching the ISO20000 accreditation is essential.

For more information on why capacity management is vital for your organisation, and to see how we can work with you to bring your processes up to the correct standard, have a look at our information sheet.